"The best forex signal provider so far for many years. "

Dimitri, Moscow

"Awesome! Just wish you model will perform consistently, I faced some down months but thanks god just stick to the plan and gain back! Well done in 2015"

Victor Li SK , Hong Kong

"I join them this year Jan 2011 and I have made some bucks from their signal. Cannot denied, they have a few down month, overall they are still profiting!"

Joe Lewis, US

"John is definitely the best signal provider I trust!"

Wen Yee, UK

"I must said, this year is a bad year for most of the investors all over the world. Fortunately I am up almost 50% for all my portfolio. Main reason, forex's gain of more than 128% for me to cover my equity loss in HK shares."

C.P. Kim, Hong Kong SAR

"Put it in simple way, I follow your signal for 2 years, you make me USD300,000 richer. I trade 2 or 3 lots for your signals. Calculate it for those who want to join. Be quick!"

Adrian Soon, Private Banker, Singapore

"I have joined them for a year. So far I am quite happy to work with them. My account return this year is 70% net of fees. I feel happy seeing my account balance now at USD171,384.00."

Scott Matthew, Zurich, Switzerland

"The Best Signal Provider I Ever Met."

John Griffin, Texas, US

"I have studied a lot of signal provider performances. Some claim they are very good but I think it is not realistic and so far your one is consistent and reasonable, thanks"

John Teh, JB, Malaysia

"Your signal give me a lot of confidence , no guesswork, this is what I like the most."

Kelly Tan, Singapore

"In fact I just joined last week and have been followed your signal with discipline. It works, Thanks John, I have made around USD1,380 net after deducting what I have paid weekly, I think I am going for monthly subscription ."

Jimmy Carter, Seattle, US

"Thanks for your signal, in fact I just make a profit of USD250."

Sophie M. Pinn, Paris, France

"Thank you for your insight. ... I love your investment philosophy. And I appreciate the nice profits you have brought to me so far".

Richard D Foster, Florida, US

"I just wanted to give you a million thanks for all of your effort in making me and others successful traders. I'm pretty new at this and still learning a lot, but I have made money just based on your calls."

Steve Lim, Singapore

"Thank you very much for your help. "

Angelica Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"At first, I was skeptical. Now I really make it through with your signal help"

Ronan S Walter, Ireland

"Your philosophy is great!"

Muhammad Yunus, Jakarta, Indonesia

"What can I say. You save me a lot of time and money."

Katie Johnson, Cypress, LA, US

"You have a very conservative approach in dealing with a high risk forex market."

Joe Lee, Oregon, US

"Great! Great! Great! Simple and powerful."

Bill Smith, Seattle, US

"You are simply the best service I ever had. I have tried a lot of paid services but since I have yours, I think it is sufficient now."

Charles William, Cardiff, UK

"Although your signal have some drawdown but it is still very acceptable to me."

Charles Simon, Melbourne, Australia

"You always give me the sincere and truth fact about the market situation. This is what I want, Candid service." To me, Integrity is more important. "

Lee Ka Ying, Singapore

"Keep it up! Alexei."

Irina Daie, Moscow, Russia

"You really save me tones of money and times."

Muhammad Tahir, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"Frankly speaking. When are you going to set up your own fund or training sort of thing? I just want to learn from you."

Jaafar Amran, Dubai, UAE

"Luckily, I use your signal service, although it is more expensive than the other service but I have no regret at all."

Ricardo Carlos, Mexico City, Mexico

"Your mechanical system is great, less drawdown, great performance."

Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan

"Now, I can trade without emotional attachment."

Li Tai Hai, Beijing, China

"In fact, I just make $4,500.00 last week. Thanks!"

Zheng Ton, Shanghai, China



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